3 Medals

This afternoon my son got his third medal.

We have been through a bit of the ringer over the last few months. My son’s teacher saw some indicators that led her to believe that he may have a language interpretation deficiency. We sent him for testing in the summer and he was below average so we initiated the process for therapy with heavy hearts but our insurance wouldn’t cover the cost so we looked to the county for free therapy.

Before the county could proceed they required multiple follow-up tests. We complied and rearranged our schedules and explained to our son the reason for additional testing. We sat in nail-biting torture as each test was administered. At one point during an evaluation they asked him who delivered the mail and he answered “Santa Clause” to which I bowed my head and thought to myself, we have utterly failed him as parents. I work for a shipping company.

Fast forward to today. My husband and I sat in suspense as we endured the read-out for the evaluation results, ready to embrace whatever consensus the tests confirmed. But that’s just it, the tests provided crisp clarity that my son is average. In fact he doesn’t have a language deficiency and was above average in several areas.

When we finished the meeting, the head of the speech and language department turned to me and said, “You have quite a kid. I have something for him. I promised him something special when he was here”. She left to retrieve it and returned to hand me a medal that she instructed I give to him, and then mentioned “Just be sure not to read the back. I’m taking advantage of the fact that he still can’t read”.

I left with the medal in hand and turned it over to inspect the back as we walked out: “Temple Israel 5K Run” was the inscription, and on the front engraved was a pack of runners. A big smile emerged from my mouth as I thought about the difficulty over the last few months and realized it was the perfect ending.

My husband awarded this medal to my son this afternoon with a speech about how proud his family and the speech and language director are of him. And he replied, “Daddy now I have three medals, one for running, one for kicking my soccer ball, and one for my evaluation”. I can’t wait until he gets old enough to read so he can also enjoy the humor of this evaluation medal.

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