5 Positive Things

It’s Monday and I’m back from a LONG vacation. I am happy to have had the week off to break up my routine and spend time with my kids and family, but it was a very eventful vacation and we have the entire summer ahead of us. This Monday, I’d love to share with you 5 things I’m loving right now. Take a look and be sure to comment on fun things you’re loving right now.

1. Spa Sundays

This is something I read about a while back and I’ve been trying to do it every.single.Sunday. I put the kids to bed a little earlier (like 15 minutes earlier, don’t worry, they go to bed late almost every single weekend day of their life) and I use whatever spa-type treatment I have in my house (sometimes I add one small thing to my grocery list that week) and I enjoy time for me. I make sure to prep our clothes and lunches for the week before I begin and then after spa time I try to head to bed a little earlier so that Monday doesn’t hit us so abruptly. Right now,spa favorites are bath bombs, sugar bath scrub, face masks and everything Josie Maran (and a little tea or champagne).


 2. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

These are so easy to make and I have been including them in our dinner line-up nearly every week. I cut the brussel sprouts up a little thinner than this recipe to make them a bit crispier and instead of fresh ginger (let’s face it, that is time consuming) I use ginger paste and put a bit of garlic paste in the mix. Sometimes I also add diced onions and top it with crushed bacon or diced almonds.



3. Dream/Plan Your Next Vacation

So I started doing this a while ago because there are so many places I want to visit across the globe, but so little time and money. How do I choose? I started searching all of the countries I’m debating on Instagram and follow the ones I’d love to visit. We have a budget started and we’ll choose our first destination soon so we can start planning. Here are a few that I love so far: @switzerland.vacations @wonderlust.amsterdam @norwegianfjords  and @visit_chile

I also follow @theglobewanderer and @buckelisters which feature beautiful places all over the world like the one in this picture.


IG: @bucketlisters

4. These Yoga Workouts

I started following @lizettepompayoga on Instagram and just watching her tutorials makes my back pain go away. Would you try it? She also has workout videos on YouTube


IG: @lizettepompayoga

5. A Book to Pass the Time

I almost forgot about these books. We used to travel with them in the car  when I was little and my 4-year-old son has all his attention on them. We use it to pass the time while we’re at restaurants and during our last road trip. My son keeps making funny comments like, “where is that guy?” and “I can’t find that little boy!”

Hope your Monday is beautiful and full of lovely, positive things.







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