5 Ways My Toddler Sabotages My Mornings

Being a working mom, and the one who usually drops both kids off in the morning, it’s crucial that we get out of the house and to our daily destinations on time. This is truly the struggle of the century. You’d think we’d have a solid plan for getting on the road each day, but alas, there always seems to be something unplanned that comes up to rock our schedule and our sanity. My oldest is such a great helper, acts to be a model citizen most days, and I’m incredibly proud of him. He also often insists on having his very own morning agenda that doesn’t always include input from other family members, but it does often include these things.


  1. He can’t find his coin. He finally finds the coin and puts it in his pocket. He then patiently waits until he’s strapped into his car seat and then insists (demands) that he needs that coin out of his pocket that very moment. When he finds that the coin is now stuck in his pocket, the beast of the bear appears. (Note to self: Coins are no longer allowed in pockets, in the car, in the house, throw away all the coins everywhere!)


  1. Insists on closing his car door before any other car door is closed. He must be FIRST- no exceptions! If he is not first you will pay. You will pay as an innocent bystander to a swift and unexpected tantrum. Opening the car door again so he can close it is not a reasonable alternative.


  1. Waits until you arrive at his school and then announces in front of all children and all parents that he pooped in his pants. But then, false alarm, not to worry, he tells you he has only just farted. Then, the toddler goes about his day happily, as if I’m not still standing there in complete and total humiliation that I am the one that created this human.


  1. Refuses to tell his father goodbye. With encouragement and coaxing he still refuses to say goodbye. Then, after his father has left the house, and driven off, and is surely 5 miles away, he demands that he needs to tell his father goodbye and it is urgent. A phone call will not work; it has to be in person right now. Explosion. Tantrum. Disparity.


  1. This sweet child insists on strapping himself into the car seat at a slow pace, slower than even a snail. But HE must be the one to click the straps. HE must do it all by himself. Even the least bit of help will require him to need to start this process all over again.


Parents of toddlers, I don’t have much advice for these morning sabotage efforts other than bribery (for the child) and extra strong coffee (for you). I have also been telling Graham to shine his light to all the people he comes across at school which has helped him be more aware of his mood and how he can influence other people by being positive.

Mornings are for the birds and the early worms, but Graham and I are better suited for more of a late afternoon start time. This toddler that we claim is a beautiful creation of life, but there are mornings I have a sneaking suspicion that he is surely out to get me.


What is sabotaging your mornings and what are your tips and tricks to get out the door?

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