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8th Annual Girls Weekend

A few weekends ago I spent time with some of my long-time girlfriends, some of whom I’ve know for over thirty years.  We started these trips eight years ago, rotating the hosting responsibility each year; we have now all had an opportunity to host a trip!

The idea started with an article I read and we gleaned from it, coming up with our own version of what our trips should look like. There are eight of us and on these trips we have shared stories, our favorite products, how we stay healthy, what our families are up to, how to make friends in a new city, and how we juggle everyday challenges (like meal planning, cooking, and the removal of popcorn at certain Targets). These girls have answered all my crazy questions about pregnancy, what to buy for my babies and what to wear home from the hospital after delivery (really I had no idea!) We gather insight and tips on hard problems and aging ailments. Over these eight years we have trekked to the following cities:






New Orleans



Our itinerary varies, but most trips include a visit to a spa (with the exception of some of  the busy cities we have been to) and a grocery visit where we all pick out our favorite items to share with each other. We try restaurants, we’ve spent the day at the pool in a couple of cities,  one year we all did a beach body work out video together, and this last year we rented city bikes.

This annual trip allows us to sleep in, take a break from our every day routines and reset ourselves. Here are a few pictures from our trips over the years if you’d like to see.

 How do you celebrate life with friends? 

Be sure to check out the Instagram account where people across the country are sharing a Day in their Life. Thanks to Kenny and Mary Lou who showed us what a typical day looks like for them. Sara will be sharing tomorrow!

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