About Me

Hi I’m Ashley. I’m a full-time working mom and I started this site after I realized my passion for building community and sharing ideas with others. I have moved around a bit with my husband, occupying Alabama, South Florida, and finally our family landed in Memphis, Tennessee, home of culture and history-ridden Beale Street, where this blog likens its name. I am honored to be able to do life with my husband Daniel and our two kids (under 4), Graham and Haddie.

We love to venture out in our city, try new activities and food with our kids, slowly renovate our 1930’s home and we’re always discussing what’s next for our family. Wouldn’t it be fun to renovate our shed into an Airbnb rental? Should we adopt? What’s the best way to juggle career and family? How can we be more involved in serving our church and community? What’s next up on our vacation list? Did I mention we are full time working parents of two children under the age of four? Anyhow, time is of the essence.

What a journey it has been to meet people all over the south and beyond and expand our little community into a network of people we have loved to learn and grow with. I hope you will join me in finding humor in our child antidotes, explore adoption with us if you have an interest in that journey, or maybe you just want to be inspired to spend more time with friends by launching a dinner club. On this blog you will find interviews and heartfelt life lessons from people that I find interesting and silly updates about how we’re wiggling our own way through life. I’d love it if you’d share your own comments and interests when a post is relevant to you, because we are all really a reflection of the community we surround ourselves with.

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