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Diary by Wine Corks

On my 30th birthday I traveld to San Francisco and Napa with my mom. It was incredible! When we stayed at my brother’s on the San Fran part of the trip I noticed my he had a clear vase with wine corks. On several of the corks he had scribbled on them with a black sharpie maker. The corks had phrases like “New Years”, “New job”, “Vacation” noted in his handwriting.

I returned home and immediately started my wine cork diary. I made a commitment to add insignificant events like “girls dinner club night”, coupled with cliché events such as my “first toast after a new baby” or “New Years” evening. Of course we also have photo books, but it’s been nice to see my wine cork jar grow, a significance of memorable evenings, stacked together with black-sharpie-marked corks scaling my clear filled jar.

How do do you commemorate significant events in addition to photos?



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