Friday Favorites {9.22.17}

Well it’s Friday! We were enjoying some fall weather here in Memphis, until it creeped back into the 90’s. It was 100 degrees yesterday! Our social calendar has definitely picked up with kids sports and lots of fun outdoor activities and festivals. Last week also marked my daughter’s 2nd birthday! We celebrated last Friday with Mexican food, balloons and chocolate cake with chocolate icing! She will be having a little party this weekend with with some of her closest friends (for as close as toddlers can be).

Our little baby girl is becoming such a grown little toddler with a spunky little spirit and a mind of her own. The two-year birthday is such a fun milestone because she knows a little bit more about what’s going on than any other birthday to date.

And speaking of Mexican food, I have a favorite that will pair nicely with our dinner.

This Margarita Mix

We love to do Mexican and Margs at our house and usually we make them from scratch, but on a Friday night after work sometimes doing it by scratch is unattainable. My husband found this margarita mix with even the alcohol included. All you have to do is pour it over ice or blend it it up with some cubes. It’s not too much alcohol, but it’s easy and refreshing- we approve!


This Shirt 

This cacti shirt just reminds me of the West. I feel like it could carry me through winter with positive vibes? What do you think? To cacti or to not?


Go Ape!

Ok, so my husband went on this ropes course for work as a team building. Go Ape has locations all over the country. Anyhow, I made reservations for our date day and it was amazing! I had so much fun! I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to do it again. We packed our phones away for most of the duration (except to catch a few zipline shots- there were a total of 6 ziplines!) and just enjoyed being outside and teasing each other about who was more out of shape.


How to Make Dry Shampoo

This blogger writes about her recipe for dry shampoo, which includes a special version for people with darker hair. I’m intrigued. Would you try it?

This Jewelry

This jewelry originates from a small business owner who collects trash from a beach in Hawaii and turns it into something beautiful. She shapes and sands it and makes it look like stone.

This Pumpkin Mug!

Isn’t it so cute? I love love fall and this mug makes me smile.



The nerd in me is loving the NASA Instagram account. Just recently it reported the end of a mission where they intentionally plunged their Cassini spacecraft (after two decades) into the planet Saturn after capturing some final images upon its decent, while also sampling Saturn’s atmosphere, sending back information about its composition until all contact was lost. I am loving all the information and images they are posting. (Click the image to follow too!)

And here are a few other favorites: this podcast about the psychology of parenting (great for even those that aren’t parents), Ellen had Luis Fonsi, singer of hit song Despacito on her show to perform ( where he also explains the meaning of the song), Dave Ramsey explains more about the Equifax leak and why you need identity theft insurance. I’m also loving this quote.

Well friends that’s my Friday Favorites list. I’d love to know your favorites.

Tomorrow we’re off to cheer for our favorite soccer player (my son) while we snack away on our blanket in the shade.


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