Funny Things These Kids Say

These kids of ours say the darnedest things. And the days go by so quickly that I’m always trying to jot down funny moments in my phone notes so that I won’t forget. Our 4-year-old-son is a regular comedian. He’s been rotating between his favorite fireman and Toy Story Woody hat since he was two and he’s been practicing his comedy act here lately with terms like “I was just joshing you” and “I was kidding you”. He’s got a cackle, belly, witch laugh for jokes he thinks are especially funny. What I love the most is how excited he is about Halloween and how he thinks all of the scary decorations are hilarious- he loves being scared! He thinks it’s laughable. Here’s a few of his latest phrases.

Long Distance Calls

Me when I was on a trip calling Graham: Hey I can’t wait to see you! I miss you!

Graham: I’ll let you see me mommy!


On sibling stuff.

Graham to his little sister Haddie: Don’t even look at me. Don’t even think about it. Mooooommmm she’s looking at ME!!!

(PS: This is when I started having childhood flashbacks to life with two siblings).


Party Time

Graham: I want my Valentine’s party.

Me: It’s not until Friday, today is Wednesday.

Graham starts singing: Today is Friday today is Friday…


On flying a kite.

Graham: Daddy we need to fly my kite.

Daddy: Well it’s not windy.

Graham: Yes it is, look my balloon is flying.

Daddy: Well yes that has helium. It’s not windy buddy. Hey, I’ll be back (walking outside).

Graham: Okay see ya. Be careful it’s windy out there!

*He is OBSESSED with flying a kite. He asks about it at least once a day.

On eating cake.

Sitting by himself.

Graham: Oh I love this chocolate and icing on this cake so much.

He’s just so appreciative in the moment. It stops my heart every time. After meeting a newborn baby the other day he also tells me, Mommy I just love that little baby so much!


Graham: Mommy did you get that thing I left on top of the car?

Me (while I’m driving): What thing?

Graham: I left my hat on top of the car.

Me: Well I hope you didn’t because it probably fell off.

Graham: Oh mommy, I was just joshing you! Wasn’t that a good joke?

What’s in a Name

He give the best “nicknames”. He’s been calling my brother Chad, his uncle, Uncle Jad for years. He also recently started calling our friend Mr. Jeremy, Journey!


On Video Games

Graham (as soon as we pick him up from school): Can I play my video game?

Me: No, we are going home, but we are not playing video games tonight.

Graham: Okay, we’ll talk about it later.


What fun things are the toddlers in your life talking about? I love this sweet stage we’re living right now.


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