Life Lately {4.30.18}

Hey hey (sad face) it’s Monday. We had such a beautiful weekend and we hated for it to end.
Here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to if you’d like to see…
Baseball has been rained out almost every weekend, and on the off weekends the fields have been wet, BUT my son finally had his first game and my husband made his debut as a coach. My daughter and I cheered them on!
We made the most of the sunny weather and had a little picnic at the park, played some corn hole, followed later by ice cream.
The kids are obsessed with picking flowers (ahem weeds) and putting them in their hair.

We have a birds nest in my son’s favorite climbing tree. Downfall, he can’t climb the tree, but the upside is the kids have seen the eggs hatch into birds and we get to check out feeding time while the mother bird works her butt off finding worms for her little family. My son keeps asking- “where’s the daddy bird???” I mean honestly, where is that guy?
We went to our first baseball game of the season, and the kids got high-fives and waves from the Redbirds mascot Rocky.
We rode the new carousel at the Memphis Children’s Museum (which is actually a restored antique).
We booked our next vacation on a farm. My son is getting stoked about horse-back-riding and my daughter can’t wait to see the bunny farm.
Earlier this month, we checked out the Memphis ballet production of Peter Pan, and the kids won’t stop talking about. (So much so, we ended up watching the movie Hook last week and now they’re more obsessed). We get all these questions (daily): Where is Captain Hook, what happened to his hand, why does the crocodile make that ticking sound, can you believe the crocodile ate Captain Hook???
We have been taking advantage of “kids eat free” spots in Memphis.
(Belly Acres- Kids Eat Free Wednesdays)
Finally, my husband and I had a date night where we got to sleep in our own house for the evening (and sleep IN the next morning) without kids! We tried out a new spot for drinks- Carolina Watershed and we love it!
That pretty much sums up our life lately. We are so happy our weather here is starting to act springlike. Only a few more weeks of school and its summer!
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