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Do You Nap?

The last couple weeks have been intense. We’ve been going through a phase where my youngest wakes up screaming in the middle of the night which has left us all a little bit run down during the day. This, coupled with the winter sniffles, has us adults pitching our case for the nap train.

It starts around Saturday at 11, and we both list our reasons why each of us should have the right to nap with the youngest- she’s the only one that still takes an afternoon snooze. And whoever wins their case is awarded the two hour luxury nap complete with private accommodations, a soft blanket and a sound machine.

Honestly, as a working mom this two-hour weekend nap has become a little bit of an addiction. It’s one of the only times I stop mid-day to recharge and it leaves me feeling energized for our Saturday afternoon plans. It’s indulgent and revitalizing and just what my body needs to complete the week.

Do you make midday nap plans? What’s your weekly relaxation ritual?

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