November is for Kicking Off Christmas

Last month was a bit of a whirlwind. We made the eight hour drive to the beach to see family and celebrate Thanksgiving otherwise known as the springboard to Christmas.

We captured a few pictures if you’d like to see.

My daughter was ready to celebrate! My husband found these fun necklaces at Walgreen’s so of course we stocked up.

We made a trip to one of our favorite local stores, Innerlight. After we checked out all the boards we grabbed ourselves some t-shirts. These kids just never stop moving.

We went a bit non-traditional for Thanksgiving this year. Since it was a small group of us, my husband grilled steaks and my mom made her famous mac and cheese. The recipe comes from this little old book, which she claims is the best cookbook ever.

I got this pie from my sweet friend Carrie- her dad made it. And honestly it is the best pecan pie I have ever had. I may or may not have had a few bites for breakfast the next morning.

We made a stop to my husband’s favorite beach restaurant, Flounders.

And enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors.

Full disclosure. This is right after this little tot had a full on tantrum for about two good long blocks. (while I covered my eyes and ran back to my mom’s as fast as you can pull a four-wheel-wagon over bumpy gravel). She’s a mess!

We got in some snuggle time with our favorite dog. (read: she actually chased him around the house until he finally gave up and gave in).

And my son got to work taking care of his sweet little cousin.

There were snuggles with their fun Aunt E.

And visits to tacky tourist shops.

We even made it to a parade and an evening Christmas trolley tour!

And when there was down time (which was hardly ever) we walked the beach pier… (photo credit below: J. Saxton)

Played in the sand…

Played with trains…

And crashed from exhaustion.

And here we are in December and it’s almost Christmas. We sure did enjoy our trip to the beach this past November kicking off this Christmas season.

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