Running Funk: 5 Ways to Dash Out the Door

Some days when I go running I am like- YES- Let’s Do this!

And other days I couldn’t procrastinate more.

Here are 5 ways that I trick my mind, get going and motivate myself to run on the days that I’m not feeling it.

  1. Do it early in the day.

    Onset hunger and cocktail hour are always fierce competitors to running. I try to get out before noon. Early am is ideal, but if you are not a morning person, consider an early lunch workout.

  2. Schedule it.

    When it’s on the calendar on my phone, and I tell my family to schedule around me, I have a hard time backing out. 

  3. Talk myself into one mile.

    The first mile is usually the worst. If you can talk yourself into starting and completing the first mile, usually getting to mile two, and three and those miles after seem a whole lot easier.

  4. Run a slower pace.

    Sometimes running two days in a row is hard when you’re on day two and tired from day one. Allow yourself a slower pace for the first mile. By the time you get warmed up you’ll probably be able to pull faster miles later in your run. Plus, interval running is all the rage for calorie burning. Stepping it up every other mile can do wonders for weight loss.

  5. Listen to Music. 

    Start listening to music when you’re getting ready for your run. Putting on running shoes to great music pumps me up for a fun three-mile-journey.

Those are my quick and simple ways to get out the door for a run.

Do you have any tips for getting in a good workout when the struggle is real?

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