When we moved to Memphis and had kids, the idea of seasons, literally and figuratively became the better part of our life. Miami is a tropical city with one season and I had greedily started to yearn for all four. For me, weather is my internal compass; it helps me track time.

When we first had my son, I didn’t really get the “season of life” concept until he turned about 18 months. I guess my half-functioning, baby brain didn’t absorb enough of the baby book mantras that first year. You can imagine how enjoyable it was when I realized that everything comes to an end, in regards to difficult things of course, which included tantrums, late nights, early mornings, throwing food, clumsy egg-head bumps, and all the exhausting things about being a first-time parent the first few months.

I feel extremely optimistic about this particular season I’m in of my life and this season on the calendar, because the two have finally met up- it’s Spring and my children are finally old enough to enjoy some of my favorite family outdoors activities. I still get to worry about sunscreen application, bug spray, humidity, spills on the playground and all the spring things, but being with my family outdoors is bring back some fun memories from my own childhood.

Just to give you an idea about how my children actually feel about seasons, and their particular acclimation to spring versus other seasons, you should know that…

Graham is a beach person and this actually depicts his feeling towards winter perfectly.


Can I get an ocean and some sunshine stat!


And my daughter doesn’t vary too far from his opinion. She is pretty much into any season that will get her playing outside.

She is telling my husband, “I cannot do one more winter like this again!”


SPRING is the season that I am so excited about right now, and my kids are both on board.


Spring cleaning is all the rage

Here are some fun things that we do during Spring that I am really enjoying right now.

Baseball at the park- yes!


Rocking chairs, snacks, cool shades, check!


Chalking it up


Fishing and relaxing is so in for spring


I don’t know the last time I flew a kite, but my son thinks it is amazing!


Tire swings for the win!

We are really enjoying our front porch right now in the evenings and weekends and have it stocked with bubbles for a lazy time of hanging out and blowing out the largest bubbles we can set our sites on. Every Sunday afternoon we have also been making a commitment to spend time at our large, iconic park in Memphis soaking in Spring and just relaxing after church. That means online grocery shopping during the week and chores all the other days to keep our Sunday afternoons clear.

Some of our favorite goodies include a Frisbee, balls, a large grass blanket, bubbles, extra snacks, kites, chalk, sunscreen, and lots of cash for ice cream and Popsicle’s (and extra towels for these messy treats). Strollers for walks around the park’s man-made lake are also a must. It really has been a treat to make time to be outside with the only plans on our agenda to relax (and chase kids) while we forget chores and lists and commitments for a short, but well-needed time away.

This weekend we’re inviting our friends and their families to join it, making this our biggest meet-up yet. We hope it keeps the young kids busy and the adults entertained, with great company and fun outdoor time for all.



What are your favorite activities to engage with in Spring? And most of all, what are your favorite items to pack for outdoor activities?

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