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On the Instagram account @betterwithbeale901 friends have been taking over for a day to show life through their eyes. I’m not sure why it’s so interesting to me, but pulling back the curtain and taking a peak into someone else’s day can be so intriguing.

Since I asked others to share, I thought it would be unfair to them if I didn’t show a day in my own life. So, without further explanation, I give you last Wednesday, a middle-of-the-week-workday for me.

Good morning! I am lucky if I can wake up before the kids; it seems like every morning is earlier than the last. This particular morning I had enough time to get up and start brewing coffee (my go-to is Cafe Bustello pods with a bit of almond milk, raw sugar and cinnamon) and get ready before this one (below) started calling for us to get her out of the crib. I try to get  the kids dressed right when they wake up so that I’m not trailing behind them struggling to get each and every piece of clothing on their squirmy little bodies. My daugher is usually running around the entire house most of the time we’re getting ready to head out the door- just sayin- if we’re talking about real life. Also, we are slowly but surely renovating our house and I can’t wait to replace this tile one day!

Breakfast is really important to me. I go on spurts where I make a bunch of eggs in advance and store them in the fridge in case we’re rushed, but our staple every morning is pretty much eggs any way you can make them- we mix it up. Bacon is a luxury we only have that about twice a week. It’s probably silly, but since my kids are at school all day I really try to make sure that they have a big breakfast filled with protein so that they aren’t hungry right when I drop them off. I want them to be able to focus on learning.

While the kids are eating breakfast I’m making lunches and throwing on my clothes and running around to pick up whatever I can around the house. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t iron clothes and prep something for lunches in advance it’s hard to catch up and get out the door on time. I also try to remember to take these vitamins every morning. A few months ago I had a full health exam and turns out I’m low on vitamin D (my husband is too), so I bought the gummy version because the regular ones make my stomach upset. My son Graham gets the probiotic too along with a daily vitamin. The kids were getting really sick for a spurt of time; I started trying the probiotic to try to combat all that.

My husband leaves about 30 minutes before we do. Eventually, somehow, I finally make it into the car with both kids and all our ever-loving bags. Once everyone is strapped in we listen to a little upbeat Trolls movie soundtrack music (says every single parent right now). Honestly, free parenting tip right here, but this is how I bribe them to get into the car, “Let’s all get in the car and we can listen to Poppy!” This particular morning since I knew I would be sharing this day with you, I asked both kids to take a pic for me. As you can see, my son takes some time to wake up (he must have inherited that from me). When I pulled out of the driveway and headed to school he cried the entire way because he wanted to go back to the driveway to take the picture again so he could smile. I love him for wanting a do-over, but we were halfway to school by that time.



We also listen to podcasts, business books and development books. The one I am listening to now is “What got you here can’t get you there”.


Little sister loves to walk big brother into school. She loves waving at all the parents and kids and walking on the curbs on the way back to the car to head to her school. (I couldn’t capture a pic this day, but you get the idea in the photo below, it’s our morning ritual).

Every morning my daughter runs into her class and gives her teacher a big hug to start her day. I am so thankful that my kids have such awesome teachers. The individual things they get to learn from these special educators are things that they might not have learned from me.

I then head on my short drive to work at a new facility that was just built for us. I have been working for my company for 13 years and I am so thankful to have a job I love. Here’s my new desk in our open-concept work space. I have a great neighbor that I get to sit next to every day. We also have lots of break out rooms and spaces where we can float around throughout the day depending on what we’re working on. I also have a gym membership through work; I have the schedule of classes pinned up front and center in my work space and I try to head there for lunch 2-3 times a week.

I work for a few hours and then on that day for lunch I headed out to try a new dentist. When I was younger I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease, Myasthenia Gravis, and going to any new doctor is kind of an ordeal, since most people haven’t heard much about my condition. For the ones that have heard about it, they tend to ask me a lot of questions about my treatment and remission and diagnosis because it’s such a rare thing. But nevertheless, I’m an avid every-6-month dentist patient so let’s do this.

I headed back to work and then to a quick work meeting up the street at Starbucks. I ordered the coconut cold brew with a pump of cinnamon and wowza- it was good, but I don’t recommend it as an afternoon beverage- I definitely had the coffee jitters up until about 6 pm. Our meeting was outside until the rain dumped a downpour on our meeting, but it was nice to get a quick vitamin D fix outside.

One of the best parts of my day is picking up my daughter. She’s always so happy to see me and she drops anything she’s doing to run for me; it’s the best!

We made our way to meet my son and husband at our neighborhood pizza place for dinner. It’s just down the street and they have the best pizza and it was the perfect evening to sit outside. We always end up seeing friends we know there and it has a friendly neighborhood feel; we just love the experience. When we’re not eating out we are usually making dinner at home and making our way around the neighborhood in a post-dinner family walk.

Then it’s home for the normal routine of baths, teeth brushing and books. These kids love bath time and we let them throw a bath bomb in there a couple times a week #toddlerspatime

Although bath time is kind of a nightmare with the endless splashing-  my husband and I switch off- but I do try to volunteer to do it more often than not, because as a working parent I only get a few hours with these kids each day.

These kiddos go to bed about 7:45 to 8 and I wish I could say that I have all this beautiful free time after, but usually its spent washing dishes, preparing lunches and prepping for the next day. I turn in pretty early these days, well because I never know when these kiddos are going to wake up. We also have a pretty old pet that tends to keep waking us up at night so sleep is pretty valuable these days.

A sweet friend of mine turned me on to this tea and I have replaced my wine during the week with this. I also love those cheesy mugs you can buy when you purchase your kid’s class pictures. I gave one to my sister for Christmas one year and it was a hit- now everyone wants one!

We killed the cable a few years back and only use Apple TV but I really hardly watch it. It’s been a few weeks since we finished watching The Crown on Netflix and my husband just turned me on to a Warren Buffet documentary. Otherwise, if I do stay up its to read.

These days are long but the years are short (true cliché) and some days its a struggle to get in those things that are really important, like spending quality time as a family, having alone time, having lunch with a friend, getting in a workout, developing myself for my job.

Recently I’ve heard quite a few people say that there’s no such thing as work-life-balance, they call it work-life-iteration. I really do believe that’s true. Some weeks my job is really intense and other weeks I have some down time to better balance my home and because of that, my days can be very different. Warren Buffet says he defines his circle of importance and doesn’t stray far from his circle. He mentions that defining your end game is extremely important. I am trying to focus on what is important to me, and invest myself more wholeheartedly in those areas. I am also trying to take more time to make a mental memory of all the good stuff that’s happening before we’re onto the next big thing.

That wraps up a day in my life. Be sure to check out the Instagram day in the life posts for even more interesting day in the life stories from my friends there. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!



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