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Celebration of Life: A Montessori Birthday

Have you ever attended a Montessori Birthday celebration? We had the opportunity to participate in our first ever experience a few weeks ago when my son turned four. It is definitely a different from your traditional bring-the-cupcakes and “party down like it’s your last sugar high” type of party.

The ceremony consists of the child holding a small Earth replica while they walk around a symbol of the sun (in this case it was a candle). They do this the number of times they have actually traveled around the sun while they have been on this Earth. After each year, and each time my son walked around the candle, we (his parents) provided a fun fact, significant for my son that year, and showed a picture representing each year to the class.

What a beautiful way to display the child’s life for their peers. My son’s classmates had an opportunity to hear about the unique things my son has experienced that make him the sweet and special individual he is today. I want a Montessori Birthday celebration! Too bad it would take forever for me to do my walks around the sun.

Here are some things that we showed and talked about with the class. We also brought graham crackers and raspberries to share, as they are some of Graham’s favorite snacks. We were instructed not to bring just any treat, but to bring something specific to the child’s life.


Birth: This seemingly small child weighed almost 10 pounds!


Year 1: First road trip up the coast of California. Location: Big Sur.


Year 1: Road trip continued. Location: Getty Museum, LA


Year 2: Sister Haddie is born and Graham was in love!


Year 2 (cont.): Always such a helper (a little forceful with the paci- yikes)


Year 3: Toy Story obsession continues. And Graham recruits his sister in their Halloween duo.


Year 4: Birthday Celebration with friends


What a fun way to kick off the 4th year of life. What a fun kid Graham has become. Thanks for reading along.


Do you have any special traditions for celebrating birthdays?