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Fail Fast

Today I got a speeding ticket- eek! It’s funny, when I was in my 20’s I would have cried. I would have been shaking while I stuttered through my conversation with the officer and then immediately after I would have called my husband and cried. Then, once I calmed down I would have been angry at the injustice; and life as I knew it for that rest of that day would be over. I probably also would have had an organized glove compartment with all the necessary documentation required for the officer- but hey- those were the days when I had time to be organized like that.

It’s funny how perspective (due to age and experiences) changes things. Today I had to look for my wallet (unorganized mom fail), the nice policeman asked me why I thought he pulled me over and my answer was to the point and unwavering “I was speeding”. The omission to my mistake was direct and I had a clear goal for us to complete the transaction and continue on with our day as quickly as possible. The officer had already made up his mind and due to my previous experience in receiving tickets I was completely aware of that. Then I said all the prayers that my kids were not in the car, because all the million questions have been saved that my son would be asking me for the months to come- sigh.

At work we’ve been talking about “failing fast”. Fail, go over what you learned, iterate and move forward. I’m trying to apply that philosophy to my life. When I make an ooops or a mistake I try not to dwell on it. I am learning not to beat myself and to give myself a little grace. And then sometimes I share my failure with others. What better way to gain perspective and show an example to others that IT’S OK TO FAIL.

Don’t worry fellow Memphians, I’ll be slowing down. But on the upside, my city will be an even better place to live once they invest my ticket money back into their budget.

How do you view failure and how do you fail fast? Do you share your failure with others?


Running Funk: 5 Ways to Dash Out the Door

Some days when I go running I am like- YES- Let’s Do this!

And other days I couldn’t procrastinate more.

Here are 5 ways that I trick my mind, get going and motivate myself to run on the days that I’m not feeling it.

  1. Do it early in the day.

    Onset hunger and cocktail hour are always fierce competitors to running. I try to get out before noon. Early am is ideal, but if you are not a morning person, consider an early lunch workout.

  2. Schedule it.

    When it’s on the calendar on my phone, and I tell my family to schedule around me, I have a hard time backing out. 

  3. Talk myself into one mile.

    The first mile is usually the worst. If you can talk yourself into starting and completing the first mile, usually getting to mile two, and three and those miles after seem a whole lot easier.

  4. Run a slower pace.

    Sometimes running two days in a row is hard when you’re on day two and tired from day one. Allow yourself a slower pace for the first mile. By the time you get warmed up you’ll probably be able to pull faster miles later in your run. Plus, interval running is all the rage for calorie burning. Stepping it up every other mile can do wonders for weight loss.

  5. Listen to Music. 

    Start listening to music when you’re getting ready for your run. Putting on running shoes to great music pumps me up for a fun three-mile-journey.

Those are my quick and simple ways to get out the door for a run.

Do you have any tips for getting in a good workout when the struggle is real?