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From Trash to Treasure- Getting Organized

Happy Monday! It started pouring Sunday evening after a nice sunny, but very hot weekend. We found ourselves grilling under our overhang and watching the rain come down. It’s been in the high nineties and even hit the 100’s a couple of times so we’re hoping it cools things down a bit.

I’m not one to get rid of things. Well except for lately. We have a smaller home and this doesn’t mesh well in achieving my simplistic lifestyle goals. As of late, I discovered how an old trick can help me get organized, keep frequently used items at my fingertips, and make all the live-long junk look like a masterpiece. Well maybe not a masterpiece, but it keeps things from piling up and looking like, well, junk. Here’s my latest trick. It involves old spaghetti jars, Moscow mule mugs, delivery flower vases and planters.

We have been using our Moscow Mule mugs as vases when we’re not drinking up Mules!

I have been keeping our old spaghetti jars. I usually peel most of the label off and throw them in the dishwasher after they’re empty. After the dishwasher has steam cleaned them I take a razor and remove the rest of the label and sticky from the jar. I usually throw away the lid, but if you need a jar that closes you could also throw the lid in the dishwasher and spray paint it once it’s clean to hide the previous spaghetti logo and add a pop of color.

Flowers are stored on our bookcase in spaghetti jars. Having a large quantity of “vase” options allows us to buy a large bouquet of flowers from Costco and split them up throughout the house.

Measuring spoons, chords, clothespins, and loose screws are stored in spaghetti jars and pens and notepads in a flower planter.

Dish pods and sponges and bottle cleaners are stored by the sink in an old flower delivery vase and a spaghetti jar.

Finally, our front porch holds inviting toys such as bubble wands stored in a flower pot and chalk stored in a spaghetti jar. It makes me smile every time I embark on our doorstep after work. It reminds me we can still be summering even in work days.

What ways do you stay organized and re-purpose the old? I’d love to hear. Have a great week!