The Perfect Group Gift

It’s the end of the school year, and these I’m always running to the store or shopping online for some sort of gift- teachers, graduates, boss’ birthday, birthday parties. End of the year work and school gifts can be especially tricky. Who coordinates and how much should you collect? It can be a real head scratcher. This year, I signed up to be my son’s class mom, and low and behold, I realized this December that that I was responsible for coordinating fifteen Christmas gifts for teachers, assistants, and aftercare teachers on top of my regular Christmas shopping. It had me feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.

Then when my son’s teacher recently announced her retirement, I remembered a fun way to coordinate a gift- group favorites! One person coordinates the basket and asks others to bring one of their favorite items. You can stick with a theme, such as favorite food or favorite beauty product, or you can make it more general, just bring your favorite item. Friends or co-workers bring the items and the organizer assembles the basket, displaying all the favorites together from the team, and viola- simple group gift is complete. It’s an easy idea because a lot of times you’re all stocked up on your favorite items and tend to have extra, or your favorites are right along your weekly path (can be found along your weekly shopping trip or at a nearby store). No one person gets stuck holding the bag on coming up with the idea or being responsible for the shopping.

One year for Christmas we organized a favorite’s basket for a boss complete with a container of homemade pancake mix, favorite nuts, cloth napkins, a notebook and some delicate cookies from Brussels. Our boss loved it and she said she tasked her teenage girls with making the pancakes for the family on Christmas morning.

Next time you’re having headache about organizing a group gift, propose a favorite’s basket.

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