Traveling the Road Less Traveled: Adoption Update

We had a call about a placement for adoption last weekend. We were ecstatic. We jumped through hoops to get our work stuff covered, make plans to take our children out of school for the day, hired a pet sitter, packed our bags and drove seven hours to Texas. Our adrenaline was through the roof! This was the call we had been waiting for. We were SO hopeful and enthusiastic to meet our match.

But it just didn’t work out.

The whole entire story isn’t ours to tell. It involves a child and his family.

The story is covered in a great deal of grief and pain. The emotion we just dove into was all over the place, from joyous to the deepest basement of sadness, and that’s just it, we dove RIGHT into it. We were a mess last week. And honestly we still are.

We are doubting our adoption journey. We are hugging our bio children tighter.  We are finding a way to regroup and move forward. I never knew how hard adoption would be.

Sure I knew the paperwork was hard. I knew the waiting was hard. But I never knew the emotion that a failed match would bring.

A friend of mine said this to me this week: “It’s emotional because it’s emotions you’ve never experienced! It opened my eyes up to a whole different world… so many people hurting and needing love!” And that exactly sums up everything I’m feeling about ALL of it right now.

For our friends that have been praying- thank you! Can we ask you to keep praying? We had a glimpse into the life of a boy on his journey to find his forever family and he needs your prayers even more than we do.


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