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The last couple months at work have been intense, which has me thinking. What’s the best way to lighten the mood at the office?

I usually crack the occasional joke during a lull period of intense debate just when someone’s about to fly off the handle or pop into a meeting with donuts and coffee. I’ve also been trying to lighten the mood for my team with super hero awards. We vote on the award as a team and I’ll send the cheesy certificates to their manager with a nice note about them and then recognize that person in front of the team with a little speech about how much we appreciate them and enjoy their contribution. We’ve already awarded the heroes of Wonder Woman, The Hulk, and Mr. Fantastic. Those days we recognize someone happen to be some of my favorite days at work.

Revise Psycology roughly calculates that we spend about 50% of our week with co-workers and an estimated 92,120 hours in the course of our entire working life. I had a boss tell me that it was important for her to bond with her co-workers since she spent more time with them at the office some weeks than even her own children. says simple things can lighten the mood at work including stretching with staff and celebrating achievements with team members. The article also mentions a little quick tip about how enjoyment and lightheartedness should actually start with you!

A co-worker of mine recently decided to bring some homemade Cuban stew to work, and upon informing a few others of his plans, actually ended up turning his homemade Cuban stew potluck into a Cuban lunch party. It was complete with Cuban sandwiches, plantain chips and sweet plantains. People kept pitching in to bring stuff- it was glorious. I had back-to-back meetings that day and wouldn’t have had lunch if it weren’t for him.

How are you making the best of your work-day?

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